About Me

I am a work from home furbaby mom to my precious rescued angels, my sweet dog Lucy and my feisty cat Abby.  I am married to a wonderful husband who also helps with the site since he happens to be a brilliant IT man.  Being a huge animal lover inspired me to be a vegetarian (still working on converting the hubs).  Before blogging, I was an eBay seller and a caretaker to my beautiful mom who beat cancer and is now doing phenomenal!  Some of my favorite things are crafting, yard sales, listening to music and road trips.

Finding the best possible deals on everything started as a necessity, but quickly became a passion.  Being on a tight budget taught me how to save lots of money on everyday and long-term purchases.  Hopefully this website can show others that they can shop more frugally as well.


My makeup and hair were done by my gorgeous BFF Candice, who has a fantastic beauty and fashion blog! Check her out at: www.candicemue.com




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