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Mom’s GoFundMe Page

This may not be a typical post or an acceptable post for my type of blog to some, but if I do not share this I would feel as though I have shorted my mom of an opportunity.  Mom is battling head & neck cancer for the third time so the medical bills have started to add up.  My sister has started a GoFundMe page to help with this.  The goal is $5,000, which is a drop in the bucket to everything she owes, but every penny will help tremendously.  Mom survives on $12,000 / year since she also has Multiple Sclerosis and has been unable to work for some time, making co-payments, medications and other necessities unaffordable.  Since mom is unable to eat due to all of the cancer surgeries, she also has to pay quite a bit for “food”, her formula that goes into her PEG tube.  She really needs to get “speech” or swallow therapy to have a chance at normal swallowing but that has had to stop due to financial issues as well.  Please do not feel sorry for her though, she calls herself a “warrior”, which is why my sister has named this GoFundMe page “Mary Jean’s Warrior Fund”.  If you cannot help, we understand.  Showing support through prayer or encouragement is just as appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Won’t be able to post as much today…

mom is my hero

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UPDATE: Mom is home from the hospital and thankfully her wonderful surgeon removed everything he could see so hopefully her scan will come back clear later this month!  She has now fought cancer 3 times!  She is such a strong and amazing woman.  She was diagnosed a little over two years ago and mostly can only drink coffee due to all of the surgeries and radiation.  Other than the occasional yogurt or mashed potatoes, all of her food comes from a feeding (PEG) tube.  Even though she cannot eat, she still insists on cooking for others when she feels like it.  That is the type of woman she is and I am lucky enough to be her daughter.

Although I may not be posting as much since she will be staying with me and recovering and still has lots of upcoming appointments, I will post as much as possible (I am excited about Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!).  If you have a specific item you are trying to find a good deal on, feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to look for it!

Thank you for all of the support through these hard times.  I truly appreciate all of the sweet comments here on the blog and on Facebook.  It’s a scary feeling going through this all over again!  Mom is such a positive person, despite everything she has been through.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing mother.

This was before the surgery (we try to keep smiling and stay positive!):


Dear Readers,

Normally I only post deals on my blog but today is different because my mother is in surgery. She has fought cancer twice before, but it came back. She has two tumors (head and neck cancer) that will hopefully be completely removed in surgery this morning. I need all the thoughts & prayers I can get today.  If I do not post as often the next few days, this is why.  I hope you can understand!