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Causes of an Odd Smell in Senior Citizens

Causes of an Odd Smell in Senior Citizens

People are not far from animals. We also give signals about our age and health status – with the help of our body odor. But for some reason, our sense of smell can clearly record only the presence of an elderly person. What we call “body odor” is actually the smell that the skin emits. This is directly related to the chemical composition of the secretions of the sebaceous and sweat glands. It changes throughout the different periods of our life.

Although we are not aware of this, the chemical formula of body odor allows us to transmit various biological and social information. So, there are encrypted signals that help choose a partner and show that a person is ready to continue the race. The ability of a person to distinguish age by smell may be an evolutionary skill. Scientists speculate that it is like an animal instinct. After all, they, when it is necessary to distinguish a young and strong partner from an old and sick individual, orient themselves to smell.

According to experts, the smell of an old person may be the result of the appearance of 2-nonenal molecules on the skin. It is such an unsaturated aldehyde that provides the smell of buckwheat porridge or aged beer. Nonenal-2 in humans is formed in the process of metabolism of omega-7-unsaturated fatty acids in the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Young and middle-aged people have almost none: fatty acids are formed as a result of other reactions. But after the age of 40, the skin in both men and women begins to produce more and more of these molecules, and its natural antioxidant protection gradually deteriorates.

Nonenal-2 is a fat-soluble substance, so it remains on the skin even after washing it with water. In addition, it quickly turns on the clothes from the body, and from there it becomes very difficult to wash. Medigap Program for Senior Citizens: Elderly who’s 65 & over must consider Medicare supplement plans that help pay for copay & coinsurance.