Double Points on Coke Rewards 12 Pks.

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coca points

Starting 10/26, Coca-Cola will be doubling point rewards on select (almost all) 12 packs!  Ends 10/30.  Also, the bonus points do not count toward the weekly code limits!  If you are not familiar with My Coke Rewards, it is a loyalty program where you enter codes found under the caps & in packaging of Coca-Cola products in exchange for free products, gift cards & other rewards.

Eligible products:

·         Coke Zero Fridge Pack

·         Cherry Coke Zero Fridge Pack

·         Vanilla Coke Zero Fridge Pack

·         Caffeine Free Coke Zero Fridge Pack

·         Diet Coke Fridge Pack

·         Caffeine Free Diet Coke Fridge Pack

·         Diet Cherry Coke Fridge Pack

·         Diet Coke w/Splenda Fridge Pack

·         Diet Coke w/Lime Fridge Pack

·         Coca-Cola Fridge Pack

·         Caffeine Free Coca-Cola Fridge Pack

·         Cherry Coca-Cola Fridge Pack

·         Vanilla Coca-Cola Fridge Pack


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