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Foods to Avoid After the Age of 50: Part 2

Foods to Avoid After the Age of 50: Part 2

1. Almond Milk

Many believe that dairy products are harmful to health. But older people, especially women, need calcium in their milk.

Popular substitutes, such as almond milk, do not protect bones from osteoporosis. After the age of 40, it’s better to choose natural low-fat dairy products with calcium as well as vitamin D.

2. Sweeteners

Most modern snacks contain plenty of artificial additives, trans fats, & sodium. Thus, the daily intake of these foods is likely to cause some negative effects on your body at some stage.

3. Hot Sauce

US National Institute of Aging warns: women after menopause should limit spicy seasonings and sauces! If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) or hot flashes, these products will only harm.

Acute vessels are rich in sodium, which adversely affects the cardiovascular system and bone health. If you want to spice up a boring dish, take a natural red pepper. By the way, the capsaicin contained in it accelerates metabolic processes and contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.

4. Margarine

Replacing butter with margarine is a deadly mistake. This cheap analog of oil contains partially hydrogenated vegetable fats or trans fats. Only 1-2 grams of trans fat per day can contribute to the development of atherosclerosis and bring your heart closer to a heart attack.

If you choose vegetable oils, fresh avocado fruits are ideal for creams, baked goods, and fried foods since they only contain healthy fats.

5. Pasta

Pasta, bagels, pretzels, cookies – all of these are refined and processed foods with a high glycemic index. They overload our insulin-producing mechanism, contribute to obesity, increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Any foods with a high glycemic index stimulate the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). The excess of this hormone triggers inflammatory processes in the body which increases the risk of cancer.

6. Coffee ice cream

This is a triple blow to the health of older people – a deadly cocktail with fat, sugar, and caffeine. A cup of coffee after dinner can support performance, but an extra portion of this alkaloid is undesirable for the heart.

According to the US National Sleep Foundation, with age, people increasingly complain of insomnia. In women after the age of 40, this is partly due to hormonal shifts, so caffeine intake at your age needs to be avoided at all costs.

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