Craftsman Tools Coupons


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Get Craftsman Tools Coupons when you sign up for the Craftsman Club through Shop Your Way!  My first email included 2 coupons, $10 off $50 and $10 off $25 lawn and garden at Shop Your Way stores (Sears and K-Mart are my current faves!)!  If you are not already a member of Shop Your Way, you can sign up here.  Then, use same login to sign in to the Craftsman Club here (top right corner).

Right now if you sign up for Shop Your Way through my link you will get $10 back in points after making a $30 rewards brand purchase (Shop Your Way rewards brands include Sears, K-Mart, and many more).  This could make for some fantastic early Christmas shopping deals since points can be combined with coupons!  I get coupons frequently through Shop Your Way and lots of “surprise points” which can be used to get free items at K-Mart and other stores in the Shop Your Way network!  In a later post I will show how I got a grill cover for free!

One possible scenario to combine coupons and points using the coupons emailed would be to purchase this 28 piece wrench set for $50.96.  You could then use the $10 off $50 to bring the total down to $40.96.  Since this is a purchase over $30, you will get $10 back in points.  Once you get your $10 in points back, you could get this Craftsman single-bit axe priced at $26.99.  Use your $10 off $25 lawn and garden coupon to bring the total to $16.99, then use the $10 in points to bring the total down to $6.99!  This is $77.95 worth of products for $47.95 plus you get 10 points back for every dollar you spend (for this scenario, that would mean you get 470 points).