Customized Tervis w/Lid $17.50 Shipped


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Customized Tervis w/Lid $17.50 Shipped

Right now at Tervis you can get a custom Tervis Tumbler with photos or designs AND the lid for as low as $17.50 SHIPPED!

How to Get This Deal:

-Go here and click “new project”

-Click “yes” if you want to sign in (this is good if you won’t be finishing your project right away- it lets you save) or “no”, either way

-Choose either the 10 oz. Wavy Tumbler or the 16 oz. Tumbler for $25 (you can choose other sizes if you want, but the price will be different- the coupon code will take 30% off the Tumbler of your choice)

-Design your Tumbler (choose “guided design” if you want help creating your Tumbler, otherwise you can just start “from scratch”)

-Click “next” then choose a lid color (lid is included for free!), choose a quantity, then check the box to “agree” to the terms & conditions (basically, it says you can’t return a custom Tumbler since it is your own design and it takes a few days to create the design and your image doesn’t contain any copyrighted or inappropriate material)

-Click “add to bag”, then type “JOY” in the “coupon code” box and click “apply” to deduct $7.50 from your total

-The total should come to $17.50 since shipping is free!

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