Hallmark Shoppers $5 Starbucks GC

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Hallmark Shoppers $5 Starbucks GC

Do you receive emails from Hallmark?  If so, check your spam folder (that’s where mine went- hotmail) to see if you got a survey opportunity from Survey23346@directionsresearch.com with the subject line “Please share your thoughts with Hallmark and earn a Starbucks card”, it’s legit!  If you qualify for the survey (you probably qualify if you got the email) you will get a $5 Starbucks eGift card upon survey completion.  I have already gotten mine (they email it as soon as you complete the survey)!  You can even transfer it to your Starbucks rewards card on file!

The survey took about 15-20 minutes but it’s not bad if you enjoy buying or looking at greeting cards.

There are some great offers at Starbucks right now too especially if you are a rewards member.  There is an exclusive offer every Monday from now until December 7th.  See here for more info.

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To learn more about Starbucks Rewards & benefits, check out my other post How to Earn Starbucks Rewards.  They send coupons to my email all the time.  Last month they sent 5 coupons or freebies (each day with a tag I got an email with an exclusive offer tailored to my favorite menu items):

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