How to Save on Sugar

How to Save on Sugar plus Stock Up Price on Dixie Crystals:

Household staples like sugar can be very expensive if you do not buy them on sale.  Most people shop for these items when they run low or run out.  However, by changing the way you shop, you can really save money on these items (more than 50%)!  By combining sales with coupons, you can save money on name brand staples like sugar.  Bi-lo has an excellent example of such a scenario this week with their BOGO (buy one get one free) event (ads may vary by location):


dixie crystals ad

Sugar is BOGO free (normally $3.29 per bag).  Did you know that if you only buy one bag, it rings up half price?! So you can already get a good deal with the sale at $1.65 / bag, but when you combine the sale with a coupon, you can save even more!

sugar coupon

There is a coupon out right now from Dixie Crystals for $0.40 off one bag of sugar.  Since Bi-lo doubles their coupons, you get $0.80 off per bag.  So the final price is $0.85 / bag!!!  Dixie Crystals allows two prints per coupon (you also have to sign up with an email address) so you can get two bags of sugar for $1.70!  That’s more than 75% off per bag.

If you do not have a Bi-lo in your area, lots of other stores offer half price on one item when they have BOGO sales.  The only time I personally have ever seen this not happen is when the sale tag in the grocery store specifically says “must buy two”.  Otherwise I have never had any problems.  Even if your store does not double coupons, $1.65 is still a great price and probably still cheaper than the store’s house brand.  Just in time for holiday baking :)